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We share with you CASE STUDIES of EXACTLY how we do it and how you can do it as well.

Baking Studio, Physiotherapy, Financial Advisory, Coach, Course Creators... 

As long as you are someone who's innovative and willing to think out of the box, this is for YOU.
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We Help Innovative Companies And Individuals Like You AMPLIFY 3MS - Mission, Marketing and Money.

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What If You Could Make Things More Exciting In Your Industry?

Here's How We Combine...

Power of Visual Storytelling

How can we leverage of power of visual storytelling and content creation to amplify 3Ms -
Mission, Marketing and Money?

Unique Advertising Methods Across All Platforms

Be it Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram... There's a way to reach out and AMPLIFY your sales multi-folds

Unorthodox Content Distribution System

Discover how I managed to get multiple features across reputable media like Channel News Asia, Forbes, Entrepreneur and how to be seen EVERYWHERE!

And this gives you...

Unorthodox Marketing Methodology

This has produced over millions of dollars in revenue, hundreds of thousands in ad spent and most importantly THOUSANDS of lives have been impacted!

3Ms - Mission, Marketing & Money!

(Go Below For Exact Explanation of Unorthodox Marketing Methodology)

Here’s What You Get In The

Unorthodox Marketing Methodology Clarity Call To Amplify Your 3Ms - Mission, Marketing & Money

Case Study #1: How We Generate Close To $500,000 SGD With 90% Online Traffic For A Bakery Store

This goes back all the way...

This is the STORY of how we started all the way from 2017-2018, generated more than 20 times returns using Unorthodox Marketing.

Yes, you will learn how I do it!

From spending only $1,875 on one ads to making over $50,000 revenue...

Wait, this is just ONE of them!

Case Study #2: How We Turn Advisors Into MDRTs Consistently With Compliance

The first thing we let our Advisors know is... we are not a lead generation company. Lead Gen methods ALONE is not sustainable and will not get you long term results. 

This is how we managed to produce multiple MDRTs and now we are working with COTs and TOTs.

(To your right in the video, Rave who have generated over 2X ROI with 6,000+ LEADS!)

Case Study #3: How We Helped Mitch Carson Generate Over $100,000 Sales

Along with Marko & Friends, we have managed to help Mitch Carson, the mentors of the mentors to generate over $100,000 worth of sales.

He's known as Mentor of the Mentor, having helped Joel Bauer, Dan Kennedy and the list goes on.

Case Study #4: Our Insight Working With Content Creators And How YOU Can Make Impactful Content

Yes, we've learned from crazy content creators like Nas Daily and Agon from Project Nightfall.

We have also worked with some of their team members bringing you the video above.

Want to know EXACTLY how you can create impactful content that allows you to amplify your Mission, Marketing and Money?

Case Study #5: How We Generated Over $1M and over TWENTY times return last year for our partners

Despite the pandemic last year, we've worked CLOSELY with our partners and managed to generate more than $1,000,000 SGD and over 20 TIMES return for some of our partners.

Take Lusi Group for an example, we have helped them generate more than 20X ROI. So can you!

Case Study #6: How I Flew To United States And Billy Gene Told Me His Million Dollar Ad Formula...

Why the heck did I flew all the way to San Diego, United States to listen to a guy... wait, not a guy...

This dude, Billy Gene Is Marketing produced over $10M usd, 8 figures.

I learnt a technique called 3Es - Entertain, Educate and Execute from him that will help you SCALE your business like mad. To keep it short - stop being boring. And there's a way to counter this.

Learn How To Post 30 Days Of Content In Just TWO Hours!

Curious how you are seeing people/pages posting content on Instagram or Facebook... every single day?

The secret is... 

You can do it in just two hours.

Attend the training to find out how and it will change your social media game.

BONUS: By End Of The Call...

You'll get ONE publication published on your own and see your AUTHORITY shoot up like mad!

This is the secret of how I got verified on social media platforms like Facebook and Tiktok... and if you want to learn how I did it, get on the CALL with me!

Guaranteed ONE Publication When You HOP on the Clarity Call With ME!

Of course, CNA is going to be way harder...

But I'll show you how you can get at least ONE press and my secret of getting featured in media.


I have been featured over 20-30 press, and now my turn to reveal to you how I do it.

Forbes, Entrepreneur, 2 local radio stations, the list goes on...

Hop On The Clarity Call With Me!

Wait... What's Unorthodox Marketing Methodology?

It's Made Up Of 7 Elements As Shown Below

By The End of The Call, You Will Learn About These Exact 7 Steps!

What Our Partners Say About Us

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We Have Over 96+ Customers Giving Us 5/5 Reviews On Facebook
I am Real Estate Salesperson for more the than 10 years. Been trying out multiple platforms to get more leads and enquires.

Get Customers have assisted me to get leads that I have successfully converted them. Generating more than $1.6 Million SGD for 2 property sales.

- Gary Lim, Propnex

I started working with Lenny since early 2019, from my first Facebook campaign till today more than 10.

Just got another closure ytd and 4 more appts next week ..

Closing ratio 30-40% so far..and if you are looking to scale your biz in the digital space, he is the right person to look for!

- Dylen Er

I have been facing the problem of acquiring new customers and expanding my clientele base. I have been using many traditional methods but they have been slowly proving to be ineffective as time progresses.

His method is very current and applicable to today’s technological era. I have been constantly getting up to 20 inquiries per day, and so far I have closed almost 50 new cases in 2 months.

For those who want to shift away from the traditional way of prospecting, do engage Lenny to right now!

- Jason Chuang

Lenney is definitely the person to look for if you want to bring your business to another level. From lead generation to sales choreography, he has it all.

Ever since working with Lenney, the number of leads i receive daily increased by 300% with 10 - 15 enquiries daily and that has enabled me to close 5 - figure deals consistently.

Thank you Lenney for your help and i look forward to more successful campaigns!
Known Lenney about a year ago.. he helped me launched my business campaigns. Within the first 3 months, almost 300 leads! And my bookings was fully booked till end year.

Moving forward one year later, my business was featured no 1 on TSL! And he’s attentive & knowledgeable in what he does! 100% recommend him! Just have a chat with him & you will not regret it

I mean... we have a lot more!

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